In 2008, a group of seasoned actresses and directors began to meet on and off to read scripts, share experiences and dream of making opportunities to make work that mattered to us. From those get-togethers came the idea of On The Verge, an informal alliance of like-minded theatre artists, intent on exploring challenging work and creating untraditional experiences both for theatre aficionados and for those who would rather be mugged than attend a play.

We hope to
       engage the community in theatre in new and vital ways by creating
performance events both in and outside the traditional confines of an auditorium
       create a strong women’s presence in theatre in Lexington
       make theatre that nourishes both audience and participants
       kindle awareness of the contributions women have made to theatre, dramatic literature and society
       mentor emerging female theatre practitioners
       hone our craft and expand our artistic horizons by sharing, doing and learning
       enjoy almost every minute of it

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